Hello! I'm Alex Bonine, a Front-End Web Developer with over a decade of experience in software. I started on TI-86 calculators, went pro writing satellite communications at Rockwell Collins before leading the mobile team at Coyote Logistics. Now I lead the front-end at ToutApp, rewriting the entire stack to use React and a UI component library. I am based in San Francisco after years in the Midwest and East Coast and enjoy the wandering the city when the marine layer allows and the world when time allows.

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  • JavaScript ES6 + ES5 + ES3

  • HTML + HTML5

  • CSS + CSS3 + Sass

  • UI/UX Design


  • React + Redux

  • Node

  • Vanilla JS

  • Webpack + NPM + Gulp

  • Git

Work Experience


Senior Front-End Developer

Architecting and leading adoption of React + Redux front-end and common UI component library.

Helping lead the refactoring of two core web app features, Command Center and Campaigns. Using an urban renewal strategy, React components are integrated into the existing Backbone app.

Command Center with multi-search open
Campaign Tasks adding people popup
Campaign Setup wide view
Command Center create task popup with date open
Campaign Setup narrow view
Analytics add people success
Campaign Setup narrow view editing email
Campaign Setup narrow view editing multiple steps with templates open
Salesforce preview email

UI Components Library and Table

Created UI components library to give our apps common design language, interactions, and styling documented in live coding environment. Developer tools were created to increase productivity.

UI components library begun with Gmail Chrome extension to prove out architecture before moving to OWA add-in and into the main web app. A new package now defines the grid used throughout the application. The grid is completely customizable and we are investigating the possibility of open-sourcing.

UI Component Popup
Base ToutTable in Campaign Tasks
UI Component Switch
Base ToutTable in Campaign People
UI Component Radio Button Group
Bulk actions for ToutTable in Command Center Tasks

Gmail & Outlook OWA Extensions

Wrote Chrome Extension in React which saw 1.9 million emails sent from Gmail, a 100% increase, within three months.

Proved out common components architecture by creating Outlook Web add-in.

Gmail Rx Tasks
OWA Tx Meetings Templates
Gmail Tx Templates
OWA Tx A2C Task Attachment
Gmail Tx
OWA Rx Tasks

Coyote Logistics

Lead Mobile Developer and Full-Stack Developer

Led development of CoyoteGO, a cross-platform mobile check-in application for commercial drivers to efficiently find and manage their loads while cutting call volume to Coyote by 14%. Created customer relationship management application for Coyote employees to increase customer engagement and monitor the loads of their carriers and customers.

Contributed to Coyote's customer-facing single page application built from scratch while developing in the full technology stack from the API to business logic to database layers.

CoyoteGO Login View
CoyoteGO Load View
CoyoteGO Documents View
Initial Employee Load View
Initial Employee Profie View
Initial Employee Customer View
Coyote Web Login Page
Coyote Web Recommended Loads View

Rockwell Collins

Satellite Software Engineer

Four years of diversified experience throughout the software development life-cycle working with satellite communication (SATCOM) software systems for the fifth generation of ARC-210 radios.

Led a four-person, multi-disciplinary team as Project manager and Software Lead to add full-duplex functionality to SATCOM waveforms utilized on $300K project.

Radio I worked on
Lots of computer screens and gear
Alex loving work

My path to becoming a Web developer started in high school when my math league coach suggested I take a new C++ course being offered and has taken many twists and turns since.

I worked in labs on embedded systems for the military and developed a crowd-sourced public works Android application before ever touching HTML. Along the way, I earned a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master's in Systems Engineering and spent plenty of time in coffee shops teaching myself new languages and frameworks.

That self-learning hasn't stopped. I channeled a love of music and curating playlists into a React website and now architect front-ends in using the framework.

Currently, I am a Senior Front-End Developer at ToutApp. In my spare time, you can find me at live music venues or wandering the beautiful city of San Francisco. Feel free to contact me with any questions or development opportunities.

This site was made using vanillaJS as it had been so long since I'd gone without a framework. You can find the code on Github. It is still a work in progress.